How Do You Deal With Carpet Urine Stains

Urine stains on the carpets would look disgusting and embarrassing. You must get rid of these stains as soon as you come across them. If these relate to pet urine then you need to follow a few remedies. Just read on the following carpet cleaning Glenelg solutions to make it stain-free.

1. If the stain is fresh then quickly blot the same

If you come across a urine stain in front of you then you should take a blotting paper and blot the same. Dispose of these papers carefully. Now, pour hot water and vinegar in that area and then use a terry towel to rub that all off. Now you can take hydrogen peroxide to remove the stain that has occurred on the carpet.

2. If you have old urine stains on the carpets then you can use baking soda paste over the same

If the urine stains are old enough then you should apply a thick paste of baking on the same. This can be made by adding a few drops of water and vinegar to baking soda. If you apply this and then rub the same off in a while then you will see that the stain will fade. If you use this method multiple times then there will be better effects.

3. Special cleaning enzymes for urine stains

You might have seen that carpet cleaning services come up with various enzymes and solvents. You can buy them from the relevant stores too. Use those special stain cutting enzymes and see how the urine stains will go away from the carpet. If you can’t do this type of cleaning on your own then you can get in touch with the end of lease carpet cleaning.

4. Get rid of the urine stains with the help of steam cleaning

You can contact best carpet cleaner and tell them to do steam cleaning. If you give the carpet for steam cleaning then there will be freedom from germs and bacteria too. Along with that, you will see that you can get freedom from the urine stains too. Pet urine stains or urine stains because kids or adults can create deep stains. It is better that you take the measures that will help you to get rid of the same.

If you feel that you are not able to do carpet cleaning on your own then you should hand it over to someone who has complete knowledge of the same.


Search for the best carpet cleaning solution and tell them about the stain issues. Urine stain issues are quite hard to solve. You need to be clear about making things work the way you want. Professional carpet cleaning services have the best solutions that you can get ahead with. So, be ready to make the relevant changes and see how that will bring in the major change. There are many novel ideas that you can use. So, be ready to find the right options and this will work. So contact us as soon as possible to solve your problem.